How to save all images from a Word document
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Author: Sam

Date: July 27, 2017

Have you ever found yourself with a Word document full of images that you need as individual files? As web developers, this is a common occurrence for us, as many clients send us website content in Word documents.

Below, we have the file ‘Best Cats.docx’. The file is simply a document full of some wonderful cat pictures, which we want to export.

Word document icon

Word document full of images

One way to save the images one by one is to right click an image, click ‘Save as Picture’, and save in your desired location. This is perfectly fine, however we have a total of eight cat pictures, and saving them one by one will be slow.

Save an image from Word

I’ll show you the faster, smarter approach. In Windows Explorer, open the view tab at the top and make sure the box ‘File name extensions’ is ticked.

Show file extensions

Next, close the Word document and find it in Windows Explorer. Right click on the icon and click ‘Rename’. You don’t need to change the name, just the file extension. That’s why you need them visible. The current file extension should be ‘.docx’. Change it to ‘.zip’,

Rename file

Bast Cats.docx


You will see a warning about changing the extension. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to change it back after, or if you like you can make a backup of the document first.

Warning message

After changing the extension, the icon will may or may not change (it might not until you refresh the window). Double click the zip file to open it. Open the folder called ‘word’, then open ‘media’.


word folder

media folder

You should see all of the images in your document within the media folder. They won’t be named properly though. They’ll appear as ‘image1.jpeg, ‘image2.jpeg’, etc.

Images within Word document

Then it’s simply a matter of copying the images you want and pasting them somewhere outside the zip file. Don’t cut or delete the images from the zip file.

Copy cat images

Paste cat images

When you’re finished, just change the file extension back to ‘.docx’ the same way as before, and the word document should be perfectly functional.

 Change back to docx