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Having good online presence can make or break a business. In this day and age everyone is looking for you on their smart phone or laptop. So why wouldn't you want an attractive site to show off your business and what you do?

Small business owners often say, "I'll just make a website myself." However this either ends in it never getting done or in an unprofessional site that detracts from your business's brand and name. Ion Programming support small business owners and will work with you to develop all of your online needs.

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We are experts in 21st century online design with the skills and drive to get your business looking great on the web. With powerful systems like WordPress, Magento and Joomla at our fingertips we can get your website set up in no time. Whether you’re looking for a personal blog or portfolio, a business site or even an online shop, we have you covered. Our past experiences with other clients place us right at home to get your website up and running in no time, at little cost to you. All our websites are mobile ready and responsive, and we offer full customisation to suit your needs.

Single page site

from $499

Business site

from $699

E-commerce site

from $1399

Ion Programming are proud to offer new and improved dedicated servers to host your website. Engineered from the ground up these servers are reliable and powerful, ready to host any website you need. A 99.9% percent uptime guarantee ensures that your site will be online and stay online and accessible to the masses. Our managed hosting includes the following features:
  • Weekly offsite backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Email hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Managed database hosting
Optional extra features include:
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Email screening and filtering
  • HTTPS SSL Certificates to encrypt your clients transactions on your site

Standard hosting

$99/year inc. GST

Secure hosting

$180/year inc. GST

Business a bit slow? We can help! Online marketing campaigns can greatly help your business grow and gain a larger client base. For as little as $50 a month, you can get your very own advert on popular platforms. This can include a brief description of your business, a phone number and a link to your website. An advertising service from Ion Programming coupled with one of our SEO (search engine optimisation) enhanced website packages is sure to gain customers' attention and bring your business into light. Our campaigns are backed by big platforms such as Google and Facebook, so your business will have maximum exposure.

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Have a great idea for an app? We can help turn it into a reality. We will work with you to plan, brand, develop, publish and advertise your new idea and help gain the customer base you deserve. With experience in a range of programming languages for desktop and mobile platforms, we can help you target a vast majority of potential clients. We have the ability to code large back-ends to support whatever data sources your app may require.

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Need a new computer? Old one running slow? We've got you covered. With access to leading Australian computer wholesalers we can order in any laptop you like. Desktops can be made to order with industry standard parts. We can build a custom machine directly to suit your needs, whether you need a basic system for web browsing, a powerful gaming or video editing machine, or anything in-between.
For businesses, we can also supply networking equipment and software to get your staff connected and all on the same page.


from $499


from $799

Need your computer looked at by a professional? Not running the way it used to? We can fix any issues you may be having with your beloved PC or Mac. Our technicians are fully qualified to ensure all work is carried out with the utmost profession and skill. We can also help you to migrate all your data free of charge, should you choose to purchase a new PC (providing we supplied the new computer). We also offer the following services with many more available on request.
  • Backup and Migration to a new PC
  • Virus, malware and spyware removal
  • System check-ups
  • Clean install, to revert your PC to near-new operation
  • System speed up
  • System upgrades
  • Screen replacements (phones and tablets too)

Basic service/cleanup

from $60

Virus removal

from $80

Screen replacement

from $150


In this day and age there is nothing more satisfying than to receive polite, prompt, helpful, efficient and competent service. In having a new computer initially supplied and subsequently serviced by Ion Programming, I have learned to expect nothing less than all of the above. What more could anyone want?

John Stafford
Stafford Vegetation Management Services

We contacted Ion Programming when we were at our wits end after several months of trying to set up our WordPress website on our own. They were friendly and professional, and very quickly had us on track. Their rates were affordable too. No hesitation in recommending their service. We know where to go for help now!

Richard Bell
Out There Family


Business Background

Ion Programming was started in 2011 by co-founders Lucas Fraser and Sam Pickett as a programming and software development business. After making numerous apps and desktop applications, we moved deeper into the development world focusing on low level computing technologies, client-server infrastructure, graphics and game development as well as higher level web app development and website design. From 2013 until mid 2016, Ion Programming was run by Lucas as a personal business focusing on website development and computer sales and service. As of August 2016, Sam has rejoined as a full time business partner.

Our Mission

Our business goals are to provide an efficient timely service, with good value for money, whilst also ensuring communication is kept at a top priority. We pride ourselves on following the latest design and technology trends to ensure your website or app is of the highest quality. Backed by the wonderful open source community, our servers, platforms and frameworks are always up to date to ensure you and your business can always reach their full potential.

Lucas Fraser

Co-founder, Head Technician and Backend Developer
Currently Studying a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Lucas brings 21st century thinking and technical knowledge to the team at Ion Programming.

Sam Pickett

Co-founder, Lead Developer and Frontend Designer
Currently Studying a Bachelors Degree in Robotics, Sam has a vast knowledge of hardware and software. His creative mind brings brilliance to our projects.


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5 Maidment Rd Mount Torrens, SA 5244

0407 064 478

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